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Who We Are

We as a telecoms team of professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds and experience with the common initiative of optimizing operations with automated streamline processes.

Automated Ticketing System

Submit a ticket online which you can easily view via our customer portal. Allowing you direct insight and communication to our professional team.

Automated Patching System

With our patching automation in place, you can rest assured of new threats and vulnerabilities that is being exposed to users ona daily basis.

Remote Monitoring & Management

As simple as a single or bulk agent deployment that provides detailed reports and analytics with suggestions for a healthier environment.

IaaS | Virtual Private Servers

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that offers essential compute, storage, and networking resources on demand, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Are You Sure Your Data Is Backed Up?

Stress less with the power of knowing that your data is backed up and secure. We have you covered from Mobile Backups, PCs, Servers, Your Surveillance Cameras and More!

World Class Support

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service to all of our customers. In those troublesome, intermittent times of slow speeds and break ups, rest assured, we're always here for you.


From Web Hosting to Virtual Private Servers

Make it happen from creating your websites that are in trusted hands to a hosted server that works as hard as you do. You manage your websites, we’ll manage the server or you can do both. Flexibility is our compromise.


Cloud Drive to Cloud Backups, We have it all

Take the hassle out of your day by migrating all of your files and documents to our Cloud Drive. Access all of your files on the fly across the globe.

All your backups in one place! Simply backup your; PC, Server, Mobile Device, Surveillance Cameras or MS 365 and Google Workspace Accounts all in one platform!


Never get bored again with our premium deals

It doesn’t matter where you are, we have you covered! From fibre and wireless broadband solutions to our premium LTE packages, we are near.

We pride ourselves in professional and quality connectivity services to both residential and enterprise customers.


Get real calling Moola with our Cloud telephony

Cloud PABX clients no longer require physical PABX servers as a result they reduce their IT personnel and maintenance budgets immediately as they are no longer dependent on IT support for ongoing maintenance to support their growing communication requirements. Since all the heavy lifting is done, 99% of support is done remotely.

Based on 5K reviews
"My experience with ITP Africa has been exceptional. They are always very helpful and firendly. The holding ques are short. I'm amazed such an excellent ISP actually exists!"
Emily Watson
"Excellent service, fast response, and friendly staff. Had no issues with installation or billing. Best service provider I have had the pleasure of dealing with in a very long time. Highly recommended."
Tina Oliver
"We are so ever grateful for ITP Africa's cloud storage solutions. ITP Africa simply connected us to their mobile backups platform for all of the dance teachers, recording their students. The teachers then send a link to the parents when done, how awesome!"
Jennifer Dunn
Dance Teacher
"The service received is impeccable! You deal with one person throughout the process which helps a great deal. Highly recommend them. Your service was 5-star, thank you for bringing quality service back and understanding the needs of your customer"
George Weah

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